Everyday moments & Friends- Photography

I have always liked to capture everyday moments. My teens consisted of many self-portraits during the time I had a fashion blog. Today I usually take pictures of friends and during special events, but I have also helped brands with Instagram content. I know my way around Photoshop and like to play around with angels and light. If you like to see more images you can always visit my previous Instagram Account. 

image of girl taking picture of guy lighting a cigarette
men dressed in suits, one looking in to the camera while holding a class of champagne the other looking to the left.
happy blond woman looking in to the camera while creating a flower crown
picture in a moving tram young woman sleeping and others reading books.
two men dressing up for an event. One is helping the other with his tie
woman wearing flower crown, viewing left profile, image cropped from sholders upp. brown hair
blond man looking in to the camera and smiling
lady in blue beret and pink jacket looking in to the camera
three girls smiling and looking in to camera
ladies/people standing in choir
man making a crêpe in his red crêperie in Paris
three man smiling, black and white image
woman with beret looking to the top left corner. Image in black and white. She has curly hair and a puffer jacket.
blond women sitting at a restaurant looking above the camera
image from a party, two men sitting at a table, one looking in to the camera and the other one looking to the left
Woman on a brake from working in a kitchen. One sitting on stairs the two others standing up. Discussion between them, one looking tierd.