Read The Label 2020-2021

During my studies at the Media Institute in Malmö I did a part time non-profit work for Read The Label. The company sells bedding made of organic, Fairtrade-certified cotton in earthy tones and have a mission of creating change in the textile industry. I wanted to gain experience from a smaller company with important values and the founder Anna Wennhall is one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met. During my work I had a content creator and planning role for Instagram, Facebook, newsletters and blogposts including:

Content Creation & SOcial meida management

I planned and created content for each week and got feedback from Anna. Working independently and on distance (Malmö- Stockholm) worked out great and she gave me insight in many aspects of creating a brand identity and the voice of a sustainable brand. 


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[Image from Read The Label, photo: @hansanderssonphotography
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