WordPress, CSS, Html

During my studies I have gained experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This site is created by me WordPress. At the Media Institute I was part of group project where we created another website. We were given a random name (BIDEYM) and then had to come up with a concept for a brand and present it on a website made though WordPress. BIDE-YM became a center for an extreme sport community. You can look at this site here.

Other version of BIDEYM

On my spare time I’ve created another version of BIDE-YM where I made it into a beauty community. Beauty, fashion and design are interest of mine and I like finding nice way or presenting information. The integration between user-friendly layout, beautiful images ans SEO-strategies on webpages is driving me to become a better marketer and I believe the combination is necessary to be aware of no matter where I end up in the future. You can find this site here.

Knitting For THEA

During my studies me and my group created another fictive company called Knitting for Thea. Knitting for Thea offers boxes that contains everything you need for a project – a pattern, yarn in your color of choice and needles. On the website (that’s currently being build) customer get to choose from a variety of patterns – from socks and mittens to sweaters and vests – with no need to worry about which yarn to match to each project. 

We are planning on creating a website for the company but have created different social media profiles you are free to visit.

E-Mail marketing

In courses in digital marketing and advertising me and my group created different E-Mails for our fictive brand Knitting for Thea. I know how to use Mailchimp and Hubspot for e-mail marketing and enjoy creating the layout of e-mails as well as A/B-testing different parameters. 

Facebook / Instagram Marketing

During my studies I have worked in Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager. I have testet to create different types of formats and know the importance of A/B-testing and testing different target audiences. I also know how to filter data in Google Analytics coming från social ads and using the Google campaign-url-builder to create traceable links.